ATI Catalyst 8.10

­AMD hat die Oktober-Version des ATI Catalyst Treibers veröffentlicht.

Wichtigsten Neuerungen:

  • Catalyst Control Center™ Fan speed control
    • This release of the ATI software driver
      version 8.54 introduces the ability for users to control the speed of
      the GPU fan when running in accelerated graphics.­
  • Force Component Video Detection

    • ­This release allows users the option in
      Catalyst Control Center to force Component Video detection in the
      Display Options aspect. By selecting this option user are able to
      adjust the Component Video property settings (without a device being
      physically attached) allowing user to change format and frequency to a
      desired value. The selected values will be applied to the display once
      a component video display device get connected. The feature is
      applicable for all AMD products supporting Component Video.­